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Scott Fraser's next show at Jenkin Johnson Gallery, in San Francisco features the painting "Reign." Check out this time lapse video of his process.




“There isn’t a photograph in the world that has any narrative ability. Any of them. They show you what something looked like to a camera. The minute you relate this to what was photographed it’s a lie.” -Garry Winogrand

After seeing the Garry Winogrand exhibit, “Women Art Beautiful,” curated by Eric Paddock, at the Denver Art Museum this past summer, I was so intrigued that I started searching the web for more information about the photographer and his life. Here’s a terrific short film of him discussing his work and philosophy on art and photography:

Deb Bays - old

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The French term “nature morte” means, literally, “nature dead.” These days we say “still life,” but it’s pretty much the same concept: cut flowers, fruit, the occasional skull or skeleton, cups and saucers—you get the idea. Within the realm of this traditional genre of painting there are many truly amazing works of startling beauty, feats of painterly depth and skill that not only dazzle but also document a time in history while reflecting customs and social mores. And yes, they are chockfull of dead stuff. Morte

Collecting Art

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Collecting Art

HoOpheliaWEBBuilding a collection is a personal journey, one which should start with the tossing out of the old cliché “buy what you love.” This is not a strategy, especially when, as a new collector, it’s hard to define exactly what it is you love. Instead, I will help you learn how to look at art, to think broader, and to understand what it is to create a collection that will give back years of enjoyment while growing in value. Together we can build a collection that represents you sensibilities. 

My primary focus is on collecting artists of the Western United States who are working in a more realistic fashion. Painting, photography, and sculpture are all to be considered, as well as works by artists outside this region that add perspective to the collection as a whole. I also like catching artists in the early stages of their career. These “emerging” artists are not always as easy to bank on, but together we can look at numerous factors and reduce much of the risk.


It’s important to have a realistic budget in mind. No matter how big or small, there is original, authentic fine art in your price range. I will show you lots of art in a wide range of prices. Obviously more established artists garner higher prices than emerging artists. (Emerging artists can be tricky and a bit of a risk, but we can minimize that risk through analysis based on the above criteria. Plus it’s fun to discover the next greatest!)

Also, with established artists, many create drawings, which generally sell at lower price points. Drawing is, in my opinion, a basic and vital skill; these works are important and would be a terrific way to obtain strong work from the more pricey artists on our list. On-the-spot sketches done in oil or other mediums are another way to collect work by established artists, as these tend to be smaller works, at a lower price point.

Other services

Hanging art. Art has personality, and not all art gets along. Some pieces need their own space, others like to congregate in a group. But all art needs to be viewed at the right eye-level. Displaying your collection is an art form in-and-of-itself; a good layout enhances everything in the room. Together we can organize your collection, taking into consideration works of art that cannot, for example, take direct sunlight or pieces that need extra breathing room. And, we can make seasonal adjustments to help freshen things up. You’d be amazed at how you see things anew when we move your art around.

Rethinking your space. A room that never changes takes on a heavy, dated sensibility. Let’s take a fresh look at what you own and shake out the cobwebs. And, while we’re at it, are you living with clutter? A week’s worth of mail or years of accumulated stuff—old magazines you meant to read, memorabilia still in the box, photos stacked in a corner, books tossed haphazardly on the shelf, random objects with little or no connection to your current life? There’s no time like the present to simplify.

Collection management. Have you kept up with the current market/replacement value of your collection? Do you have everything documented for insurance purposes? Let’s explore options and make sure you have an accurate listing of your art.

Lighting. There are lots of options available to you, but the key to getting the most of your lighting is placement of fixtures and wattage of bulbs. Let’s assess what you’ve got and discuss ways to improve.